There are different types of wrinkles, but the ones that are the most prominent are static wrinkles (when the crease does not disappear when the muscle relaxes).

Wrinkles are typically the most visible sign of the aging process. Krishma Patel, PA-C, physician assistant at Lake Nona Ophthalmology Med Spa, says, “Wrinkles are creases that develop in the skin due to frequent movement of the underlying muscle.”

How is a Static Wrinkle Different from a Dynamic Wrinkle?

Wrinkles are most apparent on the areas of the skin constantly exposed to sun, such as the neck, hands, forearms, and face. There are two primary forms of wrinkles on the face. The first is dynamic wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles are most visible when you’re making certain types of facial expressions. These usually include:

  • Crow’s feet on the outside of the eyes
  • Smile lines that bracket the mouth
  • The frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Wrinkles in the forehead

Dynamic wrinkles eventually become static wrinkles. Static wrinkles appear even when you’re not making a facial expression. These are the wrinkles that never go away and worsen over time as you age. Examples of static wrinkles include:

  • Forehead creases that can be horizontal or vertical
  • Lines and creases along the neck
  • Marionette lines that run from the bottom of the nose, on either side of the mouth, all the way to the chin
  • Nasolabial folds that crease either side of your mouth

Krishma has a good image for static wrinkles. She states, “It’s like when you have a piece of paper and you fold it over and over. You get a crease that you can see when the paper is flat. The only way to ease that crease is to stop folding the paper.”

What Causes Static Wrinkles?

Static wrinkles happen just from living life. Smoking and sun can cause the skin to break down, but the normal process of making repeated facial expressions eventually cause wrinkles in the skin to form. Underneath the wrinkles, your skin loses collagen and elasticity. 

Your skin dries out and becomes thinner, your cheeks hollow out, and your skin can sag. Making the same facial expressions will cause the skin to stop bouncing back over time, and the wrinkles will become permanent.

Can You Prevent Static Wrinkles?

You can try to prevent static wrinkles in a few ways, namely:

  • Avoiding the use of tobacco, whether it’s smoking or chewing these products because they cause a decline in skin quality
  • Drinking a lot of water to promote healthy skin and general wellness in the body
  • Wearing a hat when you’re outside to keep the sun off your face

All of these techniques may slow down aging but they won’t act as a preventative to keep static wrinkles away totally.

How Can I Make My Wrinkles Go Away?

There are all kinds of procedures to reverse the signs of aging. 

 If you feel like your wrinkles are making you look older than you feel, you have all kinds of options for making them disappear. You could try chemical peels for very fine lines, but they don’t work well on the more apparent static wrinkles. If you don’t mind surgery, you could try the more invasive face lift procedure. However, we’ve found that the best non-invasive but long-term solution for wrinkles is Botox cosmetic treatment. 

Botox is excellent both for treating dynamic wrinkles proactively before they become fixed or static wrinkles. The treatment can also be used to lessen the signs of static wrinkles. 

Botox stands for botulinum toxin, a natural substance that’s been used safely for 20-years to treat wrinkles as well as improve the lives of people with certain illnesses. Botox is one of the most commonly used non-invasive cosmetic procedures in the U.S. today.  

Botox works by targeting the muscles used to make facial expressions by blocking their nerve signals. This tells the skin to relax instead of holding the position in a wrinkle.

Does Botox Prevent Static Wrinkles?

Botox is highly effective at treating dynamic wrinkles, or those fine lines that gradually deepen and become static wrinkles. Krishma says, “This is why Botox works so well. If you can treat those wrinkles before they become static, patients are able to achieve an earlier and longer lasting anti-aging effect.” Preventative Botox can start early, before wrinkles can worsen and become static. 

Patients in their mid-20s or early 30s are good candidates for preventative Botox to treat their wrinkles early on. Catching wrinkles early can slow down the aging process so that static wrinkles will be a non-issue as they age.

What’s it Like to Get a Static Wrinkle Botox Treatment?

The first step toward any medical treatment is to schedule a consultation with a clinical professional. The team at Lake Nona Ophthalmology and Med Spa received extensive training and will conduct a one on one personal exam to check your health and discuss your goals for the Botox treatment. We will discuss the rare complications that could occur, make sure we understand your current health status, and develop a personalized cosmetic roadmap to help you improve your skin.

At the treatment appointment we will lightly place marks on your face to target where the Botox injections will be placed. Botox works well for the lines between your eyebrows, beside your eyes, on your forehead, and the sides of your mouth. The Botox includes some pain medication and a small needle to make sure you’re comfortable during the treatment. The clinician will lightly smooth your face to evenly distribute the Botox medication after the injection.

There is no down time after a Botox treatment; it is truly non-invasive! Once the injections are administered you may see small bumps at the injection site for about a half hour after the treatment. You’ll want to keep your face upright for at least four hours and avoid exercising for 24-hours. 

In the days after your treatment you will notice the smoothing of the lines you’ve chosen to lessen. The results will be dramatic and can last four to six months.

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