Physician Assistant Krishma Patel, PA-C, at Lake Nona Ophthalmology Med Spa says, “Many patients ask me, ‘How much filler or Botox do I need?’ The answer is dependent on the patient’s age and desired result.”

Botox and fillers are safe, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures designed to help you look your best. They are wildly popular; Botox treatments have increased by more than 40%, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). 

Annually, around 1.5 million Botox injections are provided to patients and more than one million undergo dermal filler treatment around the U.S. When patients decide that fillers or Botox is right for them, the next question is usually focused on how many units or syringes they actually need.

What is Filler and How Much Do I Need?

BotoxDermal fillers are known as “wrinkle fillers,” but they do much more than just smoothing out lines in your face. Fillers are injectable natural substances that go under the skin to make you look more youthful. They are most often used with Botox to smooth wrinkles and plump out or add fullness to aging skin. Typically, fillers are designed to fill out thinning lips or the hollows in the skin that come from aging. Botox is usually used to eliminate wrinkles. Together, these are effective treatments that can restore aging skin, increase your self-confidence, and make you look on the outside the way you still feel within. 

The answer to the question of how much filler you need is really, “It depends.” Every patient is different. It also depends on if you’re using fillers along with Botox to achieve your desired physical effect. The thumb of rule is generally 1 syringe per decade of life.  This may not always be the case, and a good consultation will establish the right amount for each given person.  One syringe of filler is 1mL or one-fifth of a teaspoon. 

The biggest concern patients have with starting fillers and Botox is that the social stigma associated with cosmetic treatments.

Krishma says, “I know that, for a lot of patients, this topic can be frightening. A lot of times our patients come in wanting to age gracefully, but think that going through these treatments was the last thing they thought they’d do. Frankly, we tell them it’s completely natural to want to look the way they feel.”

What is Botox and How Much Do I Need?

Botox is a naturally-occurring chemical distilled from the bacterium clostridium botulinum. It works by blocking the nerve signals that cause the facial muscles to crease and wrinkles to form. The positive effects of even one Botox injection can last for up to three to six months, but even after this time, the wrinkles return softer and more natural looking.

Determining how much Botox you need, like with fillers, depends upon the desired effect you’re trying to achieve. When you start these treatments is also completely up to you. Some patients start at mid-life, where the effects of aging really start to kick in. But there are a growing number of younger patients that take Botox as a preventative treatment. This is highly effective at slowing the aging process. It also is very natural looking, as the effects are gradual.

Krishma notes that, “Botox is priced per-unit, and the total amount of units will vary based on the areas treated.  That may not mean that the patient will need that much to achieve their desired result.”

Personal preference comes into play when considering these cosmetic procedures. Krishma continues, “We have patients that want some movement when it comes to Botox and some who want minimal movement.”

Why Would Someone Consider a Filler or Botox Treatment?

Krishma and the team at Lake Nona Ophthalmology Med Spa believe that, “Aging gracefully should be viewed as a positive process and not a negative one.” 

Non-invasive cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox allow patients to eliminate wrinkles and lines while plumping out aging, sallow skin. Botox can help you by reducing or eliminating: 

  • Crows feet
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • The “Elevens” lines between your eyebrows

But Botox won’t help with the loss of plumpness in the face. That’s where fillers can help. Dermal fillers can:

  • Eliminate those under eyelid shadows 
  • Enhance and fill in shallow facial areas
  • Fill in recessed scars
  • Plum up lips that are thinning

Aging and the effects of the sun or smoking can all have a negative effect on your skin. The benefits of Botox and fillers are that they can give you a natural look that regains the youthful appearance of your skin without any sort of surgical procedure.

What is it Like to Receive a Botox and Filler Treatment?

what is botoxThe first step toward designing a treatment plan is to make an appointment to consult with the experienced professional staff at Lake Nona Ophthalmology Med Spa. Together we will discuss your goals, conduct an exam, and design a treatment plan. Some of the things we will discuss include:

  • What are your aesthetic goals for choosing these options?
  • Will Botox provide the look you’re seeking or would fillers help?
  • What’s promoting your need for Botox?

The process of receiving fillers and Botox consist of administering injections of these treatments in our professional medical setting. Patients may choose a local anesthetic to feel more comfortable with the injection process, but generally, this isn’t a requirement of this non-invasive, gentle procedure. 

The results of Botox and fillers can be seen starting just a few days from the treatment and can last for months. These treatments are perfectly safe, but bruising may occur at the injection site. If you experience a little swelling or bruising, you can apply an ice pack at the injection site.

Knowing when to seek out fillers or Botox is up to you in consultation with your medical professional. Reach out to Lake Nona Ophthalmology Med Spa to begin the discussion of how to regain your youthful appearance or how to stop wrinkles from forming before they start. We can help you with our state-of-the-art non-invasive cosmetic procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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