Lash Lifting and Tinting

Imagine just waking up in the morning with beautiful, natural eyelashes that are dark and voluminous without having to use mascara or an eyelash curler. That’s the idea behind a lash lift and tinting. The procedure is different from a lash extension but is very effective at giving you a much more cosmetically appealing appearance. 

The process of lash lifting and tinting is painless; your aesthetician will apply a semi-permanent dye to your lashes along with a safe but effective Keratin solution that curls, defines, and separates your lashes. 

Let’s go over how these treatments work and what their benefits are.

Why Do You Need Lash Lifting and Tinting?

Having eyes that stand out make you memorable and more confident. As with other aesthetic med spa treatments, lash lifting and tinting is a safe way to naturally enhance your lashes without the need of mascara. Lash lifting and tinting can beautify your lashes for weeks, making them look like you spent hours curling and primping when the opposite is true.

A lash lift is a distinct process from lash tinting. A lash lift mirrors the effect of using an eyelash curler on your eyes, while a lash tinting gently dyes the lashes so they stand out more precisely against your skin, almost as if you’d applied several layers of the most expensive mascara to your eyes. Together, these treatments are highly dramatic and effective at making your eyes stand out from the crowd.

Ironically, lash lifting and tinting is nothing new; the Egyptians used kohl on their brows and eyelashes to make their eyes stand out. In medieval Europe, and in South Asia, black powder and oil enhanced the eyes’ natural beauty.

Lash lifting and tinting can enhance the appearance of lashes that:

  • Are light colored and hard to see
  • Eyelashes that lie almost flat, point down, or are naturally curled too tightly
  • Lashes that are clumped together.

Lash lifting and tinting isn’t just for women, either. This procedure makes your eyes look brighter, younger, more open, and awake. The eyelashes will look more defined, fuller, and dramatic, so both men and women can benefit from these cosmetic effects.

How Does Lash Lifting and Tinting Work?

A lash lift is a type of enhancement almost like a hair perm, using a Keratin solution designed specifically for the eyes. If your goal is to have extra curled lashes or a more defined spread out look to each eyelash, this procedure can help. 

The serums used on the eyelashes plus physical enhancement of curving your lashes during the process are what make this procedure wildly popular. Lash lifting and tinting works to curve up the eyelashes while using natural dyes to heighten their appearance.

What’s it Like to Have a Lash Lifting and Tinting?

To have a lash lift and tint, you will lie down on the treatment table and silicone pads are placed on your closed eyes. During the procedure, there are basically five steps:

  1. Your aesthetician will gently place a curved plastic rod or shield onto the eyelid and shape the eyelashes around the tool
  2. The aesthetician will add a Keratin solution to break down the lash proteins and allow the lashes to mold into the curl pattern you have chosen.
  3. A keratin-infused neutralizing solution is then applied to stop lashes from processing and to lock in their new shape.
  4. Lashes are then cleansed and the tint color of your choice is applied to darken the lashes. 
  5. Once cleansed, protective silicone pads are removed and a lash conditioner is applied to your lashes.

The aesthetician will let the treatment set for about 10 minutes. You will keep your eyes closed during these procedures. However, the entire procedure won’t hurt and should feel fairly relaxing. The entire lash lift and tint procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Even better—there is absolutely no down time like other cosmetic procedures.

How Long Does Lash Lifting and Tinting Last?

Your lash procedure should last about 6-8 weeks, while the tint should last twice that long. The dyes will gradually fade in part because your eyes naturally shed lashes in the same way your hair falls out and is replaced. (Eyelashes grow back in about four to eight weeks.) There is some variation in this simply because every person is different. 

Your last lift and tint will last longer if you’re careful about protecting them from the sun, chlorine from the pool, or oily eye makeup. Wear sunglasses outside to prolong the treatment. 

Directly after your lash procedure, try to keep them dry for 24 hours to allow the dye to fully set. Do not wash your eye area or put on eye makeup during this time. Basically, you’re trying to minimize contact with water to let the dye soak in. This will allow the color and curl to last longer. Try to use gel or cream cleansers that are extra gentle to avoid stripping out the dye during the first couple of months after the procedure. You can use an eyelash serum with biotin to hydrate your eyelashes and encourage hair growth, making them less likely to fall out.

Is Lash Lifting and Tinting Safe?

There are dyes used around the eyes during this procedure which are very gentle and safe. The aesthetician that performs the procedure is carefully trained and, in the case of Lake Nona Ophthalmology, under the supervision of a licensed ophthalmologist

The procedure may not be as effective for people with very sensitive skin. We recommend patch testing the lash dye to be sure you won’t have a reaction to it.

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At Lake Nona Ophthalmology, Dr. Patel and his team provide compassionate, excellent care and treatment for patients throughout Central Florida.

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At Lake Nona Ophthalmology, Dr. Patel and his team provide compassionate, excellent care and treatment for patients throughout Central Florida.